Free quotation

Talk to Geoff or Matt to arrange an obligation-free visit.  We come to your home, discuss your needs and we send you a written quote that contains all details and a firm cost estimate.  We always carefully ascertain the items that you wish to keep.  NOTE: There is a $55 call out fee for properties outside of metropolitan Melbourne.  If you accept the quotation this fee will be deducted from your Invoice.


Each client is different and we cater to your needs.  For the planning phase we take into account any time constraints that you may have, whether you want an inventory/appraisal done or if you want us to search for an item such as a will. 


We plan the work like a military operation so nothing is left to chance.  We arrange specific dealers to attend and purchase items directly, send items to auction if required, book bins for rubbish removal and liaise with charities. 


When we commence we sort everything into different categories:

Sentimental items that we return to you such as photographs

Saleable items that we put out on display for dealers perusal or pack for sending to auction

Ephemera – quirky and collectable items that we know we can sell

Donor items that we cannot sell but are still useable.  We can box these up for donation to a charity and arrange for their removal.

Other items that we cannot sell or donate.  These are placed in a commercial bin and removed for disposal.

Selling and Disposal

In this phase everything is removed from your house, garage, sheds and garden areas.  Dealers come to your house under our direct supervision. 


We base our costs on the complexity of the work and the range of services required. 

Doing It Yourself

Some of our clients like the challenge of doing it themselves but do not know where to start.  We can train you in a day and show you how to do it yourself.