Handy Hints for Clearing a PropertyMany family members or helpful neighbours pitch in and help clear a property but remember that they are usually not experts. 

Always use an Expert.

Do NOT throw anything out until you have it assessed by Estate Experts.

Call Geoff Crawford at Expert Experts (03 9812-7280 or 0412 599 649) for an obligation-free consultation before you start the clearing process.

Can you do it?  It is time consuming and hard work that is often emotionally difficult.

If it looks like asbestos, leave it alone and call in an asbestos remover.

Chemicals, solvents, paints and poisons cannot be put in the rubbish bin or into a skip.

Similarly skip companies do NOT take tyres, asbestos and inner spring mattresses or charge you EXTRA for these items.

Antique dealers will usually pay 25-33% of the retail price for goods to ensure that they can make a living.

Secondhand furniture and whitegoods dealers will pay a similar amount but this is the percentage of the price that they can sell it for, not the price the item was purchased for.

Book dealers are particularly choosy.  Most books, especially paperbacks are practically worthless.  Expect the book dealer to perhaps choose five or six.

Be careful in selling collections of coins, stamps etc.  You really need the advice of an expert.

Charities will not take anything that is damaged or stained and can be very choosy.  They also often collect on only one day a week in your area and are often booked for weeks in advance.

Electrical goods are usually not accepted by charities for OHS reasons.

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Handy Hints for Clearing a Property – Download

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