We charge based on the complexity of the work and the amount of materials that need to be removed. We are thorough but work very quickly. The average house clearing would take two to three days.

Our comprehensive quotation will be fully inclusive and include all costs associated with clearing the property and there will be no hidden surprises.

The quotation process is simple:

We calculate the costs to remove all unsaleable items and rubbish,
then determine the wholesale value of all saleable items. That is the price that we can reasonably expect to sell items for without going to extreme efforts that would not be cost effective.

We take one from the other to reach the quotation figure. Either we pay you or you pay us depending on the value of the items in the house.

You can be assured that we will do the work quickly, with great professionalism and with empathy to your particular circumstances.

We will ensure that all family photographs that we find will be put aside for your consideration.

Apart from an empty house, when you contract Estate Experts you are also buying:

Over 50 years experience in collectables
Our ability to find and identify potentially valuable items, especially ephemera that are usually discarded by inexperienced persons
Reliability, flexibility and friendly service tailored to your needs
Our physical attributes and ability to move large, heavy and bulky items
Our licence to legally remove firearms and ammunition
Geoff’s scientific background and training and ability to identify, handle and safely dispose of poisons, chemicals, solvents and paints
Our ability to find items of obvious family interest and put them aside for you.
Our ethos of never throwing out anything of historical value and ensuring that as many items as possible “go to a good home”.