Welcome to Estate Experts

We recycle antiques and collectables for future generations

This site is designed to help you make important decisions regarding the home of a loved one, friend or client.

At Estate Experts we do one thing and we do it well.

That is to clear all furniture and personal items from a home, garage and garden sheds etc. and leave the home completely empty for subsequent resale or settlement.

Of course we actually do many other things to provide you with a completely empty house as well and we are flexible and adaptable to take into account your particular situation and requirements.

We are a one-stop-shop when it comes to clearing a property and that gives you peace of mind that it will happen quickly and efficiently.

Please look at the various sections of this website to get an overview and appreciation of what we do.


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A range of people may require our services at some stage in their lives.

Our Clients;
Those urgently needing to de-clutter and clean their homes
Those with a friend or relative that NEVER throws things out
Someone whose house is so cluttered that it is dangerous
Someone who is downsizing to smaller accommodation
A family member that has to clear out a home for someone who is moving into smaller accommodation such as a retirement village or flat
Anyone who is clearing an estate
An executor of a will or trustee of an estate, or
A professional who is associated with one of the situations described above.

Especially if you:
Have limited family support
Have a family who are extremely busy or living interstate
Need to sell the family home to pay for the accommodation bond
Have sold the family home and need to clear it before settlement
Are frail, infirm or unable to do the work yourself
Are not sure what to do or how to do it
Want your ‘treasures’ to ‘go to a good home’ and not end up on the tip
Are a busy professional.

Professionals who may need our services:
Those holding an Enduring Power of Attorney
Real Estate Agents
Social and Healthcare workers
Aged Care agencies.

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In a nutshell, we remove property from homes and in the process take all the worry and stress off your shoulders.

We are a one-stop-shop and provide a very flexible approach to your needs.

We are not furniture removalists. Rather we coordinate and manage the process from the property being cleared.

Can do a little, e.g. clear out a garage or do the lot
Can do appraisals of items for probate purposes
Can search for documents such as wills and house titles
Sell items to our network of dealers and collectors or send items to a reputable auction house
Provide an obligation-free consultation and inspection of the property and give a firm written quotation before commencing any work
Identify items of family importance and put them aside for consideration by family members
Use our expertise to identify, sort and sell/dispose of all valuable and historically important items
Can arrange pickup of furniture and items for donation to charities
Remove chemicals, solvents, paints and poisons and dispose of them safely
Remove and legally dispose of firearms and ammunition – both Geoff and Matt hold shooters licences.

There are a few things that we do not do:
We do not remove any items of an illegal or significantly dangerous nature, e.g. illegal drugs, explosives (apart from ammunition) or asbestos but can arrange for their removal
We do not remove fittings (e.g. ovens, chandeliers)
We are not tradesmen and cannot make repairs to the property.